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‘It’s slowly creeping in’: Pauline Hanson calls for action on rise in ‘anti-white racism’

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is tabling a motion in the Senate which would see parliament acknowledge the rise of racism against white people.

Senator Hanson tried to move the motion today but the Upper House ran out of time to hear what she had to say.

Ms Hanson tells Ben Fordham we’re seeing increasing evidence of “reverse racism” against people with white skin but no one is drawing attention to the issue.

But Senator Hanson intends to change that.

“We’ve seen a lot of atrocities that have happened in the past because of skin colour or your cultural background, and that was so wrong,” she tells Ben.

“But we cannot allow… reverse racism in our country. We’re seeing evidence of it now and it’s slowly creeping in.

“I’m saying while I’ve got the opportunity – draw attention to it, let’s speak about it, let’s debate about it, and let’s put a stop to it if we possibly can.”

The One Nation leader’s motion wants the Senate to acknowledge the “deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation”.

Senator Hanson says our universities and schools have become part of the problem in the way they approach teaching Australian history.

“The fact is, history is history and why are we trying to change it and turn it around?”

She also points to a case where a Melbourne-based university allowed a lecturer from Texas to speak, who advocated for why you shouldn’t talk to white people.

“Our universities are getting so left wing, so out of hand, out of control… it’s got to stop,” Senator Hanson says.

Ms Hanson expects her motion will be formally denied, but she says she intends to persevere and have her voice heard.

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