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‘It’s infuriating!’: Ray Hadley’s take on Matt Kean’s climate activism

NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean has been rebuked by colleagues who say this fire season is in no way unprecedented, and Ray Hadley has the laid the blame squarely on the minister’s shoulders.

In recent days, Mr Kean has doubled down on his position that climate change is a “matter of science” and has contributed to the devastating bushfires across the country.

Ray disagrees, arguing mismanagement of parks is the main cause of the fires.

“Hazard reduction burning has stopped inside national parks – they’ve had gates across them! The fire trails are gone, you can’t get in there anymore Mr Kean. Therefore, when a fire takes hold it’s far more intense than it would’ve been, had you done your job as the environment minister!

“It’s infuriating, absolutely infuriating, that we’re talking about this at a time when we should be worrying more about the… drought.”

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Image: Getty/Jenny Evans