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‘It’s an absolute giant beat up’: Judge responds to Rabbitohs sexting scandal

Barely three days out from South Sydney’s preliminary finals kick-off against the Roosters, there is still no word from the club about whether the players involved in the scandal will be allowed to play.

Meanwhile, the woman at the centre of the sexting scandal is now reportedly refusing to speak with investigators from the NRL, leaving everyone at a stalemate.

Former NRL Judiciary Chairman & Judge Paul Conlon has weighed into the saga, telling Ben Fordham “what we have here is apparently a private interaction between two or more individuals that did not occur in a public place”.

“That should be the end of it.

“Unless there’s some suggestion of a criminal offence and that can only be initiated by a complaint to the Police.”

If such a complaint is put to police, Mr Conlon says “the only provision in NSW legislation is under 91Q of the crimes act and that’s distributing an intimate image without consent”.

“That carries offence of imprisonment.”

However, considering this private interaction occurred in May and six months later there has been no complaint Mr Conlon says “it remains a private matter between individuals”.

When it comes to the sexting scandal bringing the game into disrepute Mr Conlon’s view is “it’s just pure speculation in relation to what occurred… it’s an absolute giant beat up”.

“It’s another grubby story that’s being run prior to an investigation.

“We know nothing about what the raw facts are, and here we’re talking about standing down players, I just don’t get it.”

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