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‘It’s all very undemocratic’: Leyonhjelm continues euthanasia bill push

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Senator David Leyonhjelm shows no signs of stopping in his push to restore the rights of territories to pass voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide laws.

The constraint, which precludes territories from exercising their own say so on the issue, came into being in 1997.

But Senator Leyonhjelm wants the restriction overturned, saying the Commonwealth should not be allowed to interfere and thwart Northern Territory and ACT attempts to legalise the controversial practice.

“The states have a full right to legislate on it,” he explains.

“So the territories should at least be treated in the same fashion.”

“It’s all very undemocratic, irrespective of your stance on the issue. ”

A vocal advocate for euthanasia, Leyonhjelm is keen to see it allowed across the board.

“The Liberal Democrats have always been very much in favour of assisted suicide, subject to precautions, to ensure it is genuinely voluntary and has consent.”

But Leyonhjelm maintains he will be a problem for the Coalition’s legislative agenda, if Malcolm Turnbull reneges on a “deal” to allow a free vote on the bill in both houses of parliament.

“It’s not just the company tax that is at stake here. There is quite a lot of legislation. Even perhaps the National Energy Guarantee will come to a vote.”

“The crossbench and Senate could be crucial there.”

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