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‘It’s absolutely disgraceful’: Ice injecting room 37 metres from primary school

Luke Grant

The Victorian Andrews Government has confirmed an ice injecting room situated 37 metres from a primary school will be open during school hours.

Victoria’s Shadow Minister for Mental Health is far from thrilled with the prospect.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful,” says Emma Kealy.

 “It’s not like Kings Cross. This isn’t an area which is a nightclub strip, where there might be strip joints. It’s not a party area. It is next door to a school.”

“We don’t know what security is going to be in place, we’ve got no idea what the budget is going to be for security.”

“It’s astonishing and really needs to be shut down.”

Premier Andrews initially rejected recommendations for an injection room when they were first put forward. It is suspected the Northcote by-elections, which Labor lost to the Greens, inspired the sudden policy shift.

“There was a panicked attempt to win votes. As a result we have seen this decision.”

Kealy concedes Victoria is grappling with a drug epidemic, but insists alternative solutions need to be considered.

“This simply isn’t the answer.”

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Luke Grant