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‘It’s a sign of strength’: Julia Gillard urges men to reach out for mental health help

Beyond Blue experienced an 88 per cent spike in calls due to the Victorian postcode lockdowns, says chairperson and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard told Jim Wilson the mental health organisation experienced a near doubling of demand for assistance on their coronavirus support line the day the lockdown was announced, and interaction is up 60 per cent this year overall.

“People in the hundreds of thousands are reaching out and looking for support.”

The implementation of strict measures is guaranteed to cause negative feelings she said, but vulnerable lockdown residents shouldn’t suffer ongoing anxiety in silence.

“Clearly when people are confined you can get very restless, very agitated.

“Some of those feelings are perfectly normal … It’s very natural to feel worried at a time like that.

“But if it just keeps going … then it is time to reach out and get some help.”

With women over-represented in calls to the hotline, Ms Gillard urged men to get the help they need as well.

“Reaching out is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

“You’re doing the best for yourself and your family by getting some support.”

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To speak to a Beyond Blue mental health professional call 1800 512 348, or go to


Image: YouTube/Beyond Blue