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‘It’s a much fairer system’: Catholic school reacts to new funding model

The Morrison Government has announced plans to funnel $4.6 billion dollars into Independent and Catholic Schools over ten years.

It’s hoped the plan will end a long-running dispute with the private sector against the current funding arrangements.

However, the state’s Education Minister Rob Stokes says he’s “concerned” the federal government’s new school funding deal doesn’t treat all schools fairly and should be needs-based and sector blind.

But the Principal of St Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga Anthony Gleeson tells Ray Hadley the extra is money is needed and “it’s a much fairer system in terms of looking at my parents’ income rather than looking at where they actually live”.

“Many people would think they’re very, very wealthy, but in actual fact, I have a lot of parents who are not wealthy, that do struggle.”

Mr Gleeson says this is a balanced funding model because “if all of my students walked out tomorrow the local high school around here couldn’t handle it”.

If they do get the funding Mr Gleeson assures Ray “we’re not going to build a pool with it”, it will be well spent and go to much-needed areas for all their students.

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