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‘It’s a crime that it exists’: Chris Smith slams ‘absolutely useless’ tax

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Australians pay plenty of taxes.

But there’s one tax in particular that Chris Smith says has now become “absolutely useless”.

“The most useless of them all though has got to be a luxury car tax and the tariff imposed on European cars.”

European cars are subject to a five per cent tariff and vehicles worth over $66,000 are slapped with a whopping 33 per cent tax.

Chris can’t believe the levy is still in place considering it hasn’t saved our local industry.

“I haven’t heard many politicians… suggest and push and campaign for the removal of these tariffs.

“(They) were introduced and designed to protect the local car industry which is now dead. So why do we have a tariff?

“It’s a crime that it exists. It’s money grabbing.”

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There is some hope that the taxes will be axed, as free-trade talks with the European Union continue.

CEO of the Motor Traders Association Richard Dudley called in to tell Chris the tax isn’t necessary any more but the government will be hesitant to let it go.

“It’s a simple equation.

“There’s about three-quarters of a billion dollars worth of revenue to government coffers and they’d be very reluctant to give that up.”

He says our farmers, who are struggling to cope with crippling drought, are also feeling the heat of the taxes.

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