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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…

What do you see?

This guy reckons he’s snapped a video of a UFO.

But Ben Fordham begs to differ, saying it’s definitely a fly.

What do you think?

See it in slow motion below

See the video at normal speed below

The bloke’s mate even called the open line to tell Ben it’s a fly.

“I just wanted to tell you, he’s filmed a fly. He’s filmed a blowfly.”

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But Ben Horder, the man behind the camera, is adamant it’s not a fly.

“He’s a librarian, so he must be trustworthy?” says Ben Fordham.

Horder tells Ben “it’s a mystery”.

“I want to know what it is… I just want to find out.

“It moved so fast, faster than any fly, I think, could possibly fly.”

Horder’s brother Chris then called in to say he needs answers, because the divisive video is tearing the family apart!

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What do you see?