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‘It was specifically designed to lose’: Big Guns blast Wentworth campaign

Ben Fordham has four words for the Big Guns today: I told you so.

On December 17, Ben told Andrew Bolt and Graham Richardson he predicted the Liberals would lose the seat of Wentworth.

Andrew and Richo told him that wouldn’t happen and the Liberal Party would hang on to the seat.

Today, they speak to Ben with the tails between their legs.

“Mate, mate. You win. And I’m going to cop the same from [Steve Price] tonight,” says Andrew.

“I didn’t expect the Liberals could run such an incredibly incompetent campaign, particularly the last two weeks.

“It’s like it was specifically designed to lose.”

Richo tells Ben he “never knew the Liberals were this hopeless”.

“I couldn’t believe they’d do as badly as they did and when I drive through this electorate I still don’t believe this result.

“Sure the Malcolm Turnbull stuff was a big contributing factor but government performance has a lot to do with this as well, and the government performance as of late has been awful.”

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