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‘It sounds stupid’: Raelene Boyle questions handling of Shayna Jack drug scandal

Olympian Raelene Boyle has criticised the rules around the Shayna Jack drug scandal after Swimming Australia said they were forbidden from coming clean.

Aussie swimmer Shayna Jack has been under an ASADA investigation after having tested positive to a banned substance.

She mysteriously left the FINA World Championships in South Korea, just days before it began, and maintains she doesn’t know how she ingested the drug.

The results of her drug test came in days before Mack Horton staged his protest against convicted drug cheat Sun Yang and now Swimming Australia is under fire for keeping the news a secret.

Swimming Australia CEO Leigh Russell says they weren’t allowed to go public with the information before ASADA or Shayna Jack did.

Former sprinter Raelene Boyle was robbed of two gold medals by East German drug cheats at the 1972 Olympics.

She tells Deborah Knight she was unaware such rules existed.

“That’s very strange in my mind, I haven’t heard of it before but maybe that is the ruling.

“It sounds stupid, it sounds really weird.

“I would have thought that Swimming Australia would have wanted to take charge of it and manage it rather than letting the other take charge of it and mangle it.”

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Raelene says it sounds like Shayna Jack made a “stupid mistake”.

“It’s not only Shayna that you feel a little bit angry at, it’s the people around her.

“When you’re a professional person you don’t make mistakes, that’s how you go out of business.”


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