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‘It should be ended now’: Push to get more women on front line a ‘disaster’

A former defence force member says the army’s push to get more women on the front line is a “disaster” and needs to end now.

The defence force has been campaigning heavily to get women into combat roles but the program hasn’t gone well.

Of the 154 women recruited into the infantry since 2016, only 24 have passed their basic training.

Bernard Gaynor, a former member of the defence force, tells Ben Fordham the “politically correct” program is a failure.

“It was never going to work but the figures are in,” Bernard says.

“Between 10 and 15% of females recruited for an infantry job are able to complete their basic courses.

“Already 25% of those women who have passed have already been medically downgraded.

“This program is a disaster and it should be ended now before it gets any bigger.”

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