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‘It seems completely illogical’: Billions spent on renewable energy subsidies

Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly claims more than $50 billion spent on renewable energy subsidies could’ve been invested into Australian coal-fired power stations.

There’s a push by some members of the Coalition to ditch subsidies and instead commit to coal-fired power stations.

Mr Kelly tells Ray Hadley the cost of subsidies is being passed onto the consumer in the form of higher electricity prices.

“We’ve spent over $50 billion subsidising renewables, and that’s been added onto everyone’s electricity bill.

“We could’ve actually reconstructed our entire fleet of coal-fired power stations… and had $20 billion to put into the bank.”

Mr Kelly can’t see the sense in sending coal overseas for other countries to use.

“There’s over a thousand coal-fired power stations being built around the world, it seems completely illogical that we are exporting record amounts of Australian coal… but yet there’s are feeling we can’t use it here.”

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