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‘It probably would help him’: Expert has a tip for Alan Jones

It feels like sleep is the one thing many of us can never get enough of.

History is littered with great individuals who survived on a mere handful of hours sleep a day – consider Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci and Margaret Thatcher.

Even our own Alan Jones gets less than six hours of sleep a night.

Sleep expert Cheryl Fingleson isn’t so sure about that number and has handed the veteran broadcaster some sound advice.

“If Alan had a 10-minute cat nap or 20-minute maximum (during the day) it probably would help him,” Cheryl tells Chris Smith.

Alan may be able to thrive on this sleep regime, but the rest of us need seven to nine hours of sleep a day in order to function effectively.

Researchers have found four out of every 10 Australians are suffering from inadequate sleep, costing our economy $66 billion a year.

Ms Fingleson gives some useful tips on how to get better sleep, which includes putting your smartphone away.

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