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‘It achieves nothing’: Liberal MP savages Paris Agreement

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has savaged Australia’s involvement in the Paris Agreement, saying it is “achieves nothing”.

Australia has signed up to the Paris targets and has committed to reducing its emissions by 26 to 28 per cent by 2030.

But Mr Kelly says major emitters like China and India have done nothing to reduce their impact, and Australia is stuck with “the most onerous targets per capita in the world”.

The Member for Hughes tells Ben Fordham we should no longer be apart of the deal.

“I’m not the prime minister, but I think we should pull out of Paris.

“I think it’s damaging to the economy and I think it achieves nothing.

“There’s no environmental advantage of it.”

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Mr Kelly’s comments come as the federal government’s flagship energy policy progresses to the next stage.

After fierce opposition from Labor states and territories, every jurisdiction has agreed to allow the Turnbull Government’s energy policy to progress to the next stage.

The Coalition party room will consider the policy in Canberra next week, but Mr Kelly says he’s yet to see the fine print and won’t be willing to vote in favour until he sees it.

“I want to be able to see the full details,” he tells Ben.

“I think it’s not quite reasonable if we see the legislation… 9 o’clock on Monday morning and are expected to vote on it, sort of by 10:30.”

When asked by a listener whether he knows any other colleagues who are prepared to cross the floor on the issue, Mr Kelly’s answer is simple.