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Taxi driver who ‘fell asleep’ at the wheel sacked

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Ben Fordham has been contacted by a listener who’s had a horrendous experience with a Sydney taxi driver.

John booked a taxi using the 13cabs app last Friday morning, wanting to go from Bronte to Artarmon.

And while the taxi driver got him to his destination, it wasn’t a safe experience…

John has told Ben the cabbie actually fell asleep at the wheel at a set of traffic lights.

“I looked up and cab driver next to me is asleep and the cars in front of me are moving.”

And when the driver finally pulled up at John’s work, it only got worse.

“He kind of turns into the drop-off point at work and just mounts a wheel up onto the curb.

“I was shocked”

John says he looked at the meter which was at $67.45, and he told the driver, “You can’t expect me to pay full price for that mate, you just fell asleep'”.

The cabbie then reacted angrily and denied it ever happened, before changing his stance and offering John $10 off the fare.

But he then changed his mind again, saying he’d only knock 45 cents off the charge.

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Speaking with Ben Fordham, 13cabs Head of Public Affairs David Samuel apologised for the “appalling” incident.

“We’re terribly sorry.

“We take this issue very seriously.”

Mr Samuel tells Ben the driver “won’t be driving us a cab for us again” until they interview him about the incident.



13cabs Head of Public Affairs David Samuel tells Ben Fordham an investigation has been conducted and taxi diver has been sacked.

Mr Samuel says the driver was made aware the offence “is a serious one”.

“It’s something we can’t tolerate in our network… he won’t be able to drive with us any longer.”

Mr Samuel says the driver was remorseful.

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There's been a development