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Doctors debate the next step in the fight against COVID-19

The ‘herd immunity’ strategy employed by some countries is being debunked by Australian medical experts as a way to battle COVID-19.

Herd immunity requires a large part of the population to get sick and recover, becoming immune to the illness and diminishing the spread of the virus.

Infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon tells Ben Fordham this isn’t the right strategy for Australia at this point in time.

“While Sweden seems to be doing that approach, they’ve had an awful lot more deaths than us and I would think, until we had more information, it’s more sensible to try and contain this virus as much as is reasonable.

“Australia so far has been very successful, not only have we flattened our epidemic curve, it’s turned down.”

Editor of the Australian Medical Journal Professor Nick Talley gave Ben a second opinion.

He says “From what we know now, [herd immunity is] not a good idea.

“At least 60 percent of Australians, that’s 15 million people, would have to have been exposed for the rest to develop herd immunity.

“With even one per cent deaths, which would be an underestimate probably, that’d be 150,000 people approximately across the country.”

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