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Invictus Games medals still missing two years on

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Invictus Games participants are still waiting for their promised Australian Sports Medal two years after the much praised sporting event.

During the 2018 Games, there was widespread support from both sides of politics and the Australian Defence Force to award the athletes and support staff with the Australian Sports Medal.

“These games play such a significant role in the rehabilitation of our veterans through sport,” said Jim Wilson.

Former soldier and co-captain of Australia’s Invictus team, Peter Rudland told Jim Wilson he has been chasing the government for an update on the medals for several years.

Mr Rudland said he “raised the matter with the Prime Minister” in 2018 and informed him that he was a driving force behind the re-instatement of the medal.

“The PM was amazing; he was totally on side.

“He told me what a great idea it was … in his words he said ‘no brainer’.

“The PM said that he was going to make this happen … it will happen, we just need to get past these bureaucrats that are putting themselves in the way.”

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Image: Facebook/Invictus Games