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Inquiry unearths more about one of Sydney’s worst prisons

The chair of a parliamentary inquiry into Parklea prison, says he’s not confident the notorious prison will turn itself around any time soon.

Ray Hadley has repeatedly exposed trafficking of contraband, extreme violence, cover-ups and allegations of widespread corruption over recent years.

The private operator, GEO Group, failed time and time again to clean the prison up and will not have its contract renewed.

Ray Hadley asks Inquiry Chairman – Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Robert Borsak – if he has “any confidence things will get any better at Parklea?”

“Ahh can I hedge out of that one and say it’s too early to tell?”

Mr Borsak believes part of the problem is remodelling at the prison to deal with the rising numbers of inmates.

“They’re going through a major expansion out there… they’re going to take it to 1,500.

“It’s very, very busy, there’s rat runs all over the place. It’s really difficult to understand how you can easily and properly manage a facility like this.”

Ray also questions Mr Borsak about Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin’s claims, despite all of the evidence, that prison privatisations have been a success.

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Queensland is starting to see the same problems in their prisons, with the notorious Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre run by GEO as well.

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