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Industrial Relations Commission decision a ‘bitter taste’ for nurses, doctors

The Industrial Relations Commission has supported the NSW government’s wage freeze for public servants, but has awarded a tiny increase.

400,000 workers were due for a 2.5 per cent pay rise, of which the IRC has approved 0.3 per cent to ensure wages don’t go backwards.

2GB state political reporter Clinton Maynard told Jim Wilson the decision is expected to ensure public sector jobs are retained, but the marginal increase has been described as the equivalent of one extra coffee a year.

“The unions say it’s insulting.”

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NSW Nurses and Midwives Association General Secretary Brett Holmes told Jim it’s “a terrible message to send”, accusing the NSW government of giving frontline workers “kisses on the cheek and a dagger in the heart.”

“It’s shocking, and a very bitter taste will be in the mouths of nurses and midwives who have gone to work every day through COVID-19, and put themselves on the line.

“They’ve lived and breathed that for months and months.

“Many of them will be pretty upset that this is the sort of respect they deserve from the government.”

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Meanwhile, industrial action at Port Botany has been suspended, though negotiations between the Maritime Union and Patrick Terminals are ongoing.


Image: Nine News