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‘Incredibly insensitive’: NZ outrage as accused Rwandan murderers resettled in Australia

Two Rwandan men, believed to be involved in the brutal murder of tourists in the 1990s, have reportedly resettled in Australia as part of a deal with the United States.

They are accused of murdering eight tourists, among them two New Zealanders, while on a gorilla sightseeing tour in Uganda.

The men were forcibly extradited to the US and have remained in immigration detention, without charge, for 15 years because their confessions were obtained by torture.

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull did a deal for America to take more than 1000 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island and in return US refugees, mostly from Central America, would be resettled here.

US news agency, Politico, reports that deal included the Rwandan murderers, who reportedly came to Australia last November.


Former New Zealand foreign affairs minister Gerry Brownlee tells Ben they would have appreciated a “heads up” on the decision.

“When the deal was done, it would have been a good thing for Australia to tell New Zealand that two gentlemen, who were potentially the killers of two New Zealand citizens, were being relocated to Australia.

“It is a diplomatic failing… incredibly insensitive.”

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is refusing to confirm whether these men are now living in Australia.

Senator Cory Bernardi tells Ben Fordham this shows the major political parties cannot be trusted.

“Is there any more evidence we need that Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t working for Australia’s interests.

“I think… we need… to walk away from the UN refugee convention.”

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