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Incredible survival story: How 16 lost men saw cannibalism as their only option

If you thought you were left for dead in “a frozen hell”, what would you do?

That’s the struggle Nando Parrado faced when a plane carrying his Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes on October 13, 1972.

“This may be the most compelling, extraordinary story I’ve ever heard told,” Alan Jones said.

The 16 players were believed dead for 72 days as they struggled to survive, eventually resulting in cannibalism.

Nando told Alan Jones the decision to eat the bodies of their dead friends was “much easier than you think.”

“I know that every single person who’s listening to this radio program would have arrived at the same thought, at the same time.

“After not eating for 10 days everything changes.

“Hunger is the worst fear that a human being can have.

“We defied every theory on surviving, eating ice and snow for two and a half months, we never had water.”

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Image: Getty/Bettmann