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‘I’m going to honour that’: The PM’s first promise is for ‘the quiet Australians’

The Prime Minister has declared his election victory is a win for the “quiet Australians” who are sick of the “politics of division”.

Scott Morrison defied the opinion polls and the political activists to earn the Coalition a third-term in government.

He tells Alan Jones the Labor Party’s class warfare didn’t resonate with every day Aussies.

“We don’t want to have this sort of country where we try and hold some people down to lift other people up.

“We don’t want to set people against each other. We don’t want to have that politics of division.”

After a long and bitter election campaign, the PM says most Australians have had enough of politics.

“I think they just want to see us get back to work. They don’t want to see politics in their face.

“They’ve had their say, they’ve made their decision. Now they expect us to get on with it so they can get on with their lives.

“That’s what the quiet Australians have said and I’m going to honour that.”

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