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‘I’m freezing!’: The heartbreaking call that personifies Australia’s energy crisis

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Steve Price has received a heartbreaking call after a report about older Australians who can’t afford to turn their heaters on this winter.

News Corp papers have revealed more than 130 people were admitted to NSW emergency departments last winter with cold-related problems, including hypothermia.

According to NSW Health data released in May, that’s a 34 per cent increase from 10 years ago.

Australian Energy Market Operator numbers show wholesale power prices have skyrocketed by more than 150 per cent in the last four years.

When Steve Price questioned if elderly Australians were really being hospitalised due to the cold, the openline was swamped with heartbreaking calls.

None more so than Margaret though.

The 89-year-old tells Steve she just can’t afford to keep herself warm.

“I’m in bed, I can’t get up to turn the heater on and if I could, I couldn’t pay the bill.

“I’m under two doonas, a dressing gown and I’m freezing.

“And in summer she uses a wet flannel rather than air conditioning.”

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Federal Shadow Energy Assistant Minister Pat Conroy tells Steve Price Australians can’t rely on the Coalition’s election promise to lower electricity prices.

“There’s a fundamental misshape in the energy market which means that the power prices will only go up and up and up unless we get some policy certainty in Canberra.

“The main issue is that most customers won’t benefit from this policy announcement and it doesn’t help the real driver of power prices going up, and that’s the cost of actually generating the electricity.”

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Emergency Department Specialist Professor Gordian Fulde tells Natalie Peters and Erin Molan the elderly need to be taken care of.

“People are coming to hospital and their temperature is dangerously low.

“In my opinion, it sort of reflects that we really have a duty to look after our neighbours, our older people.”

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