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‘I’ll let others talk about that’: Premier refusing to focus on victory in leaders’ debate

Image: News Corp Australia

The Premier is refusing to take victory in last night’s leaders’ debate as a sign of what’s to come in Saturday’s election.

Gladys Berejiklian went head to head with Labor’s Michael Daley in front of 100 undecided voters.

At the end, 50 voters supported Ms Berejiklian, 25 Mr Daley and 25 were still undecided.

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Ms Berejiklian tells Alan Jones she’ll “let others talk about” who won as she focuses on spreading her government’s message.

Mr Daley made several big blunders, forgetting the costings of his key policies.

He mistakenly claimed the Opposition would spend $3 billion on TAFE despite earlier announcements suggesting the number is only $65 million over four years.

The Labor leader also forgot the amount he’d spend on education and admitted he didn’t know how much his stadium plan would cost.

Gladys Berejiklian tells Alan she “wasn’t surprised”.

“The Labor Party’s always lacked details on the finances. That’s why they turned our state into a basket case.

“When we came to government the budget was in deficit. We had the highest unemployment in the nation, the slowest growth.

“Every other state was outdoing us.”

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