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‘I’ll be up your party like a rat up a drainpipe’: Ray slams Premier over ‘complete lack of judgement’

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Gladys Berejiklian has shown “a complete lack of judgement” in a relation to a debate on Zoe’s law, says Ray Hadley.

The debate is over a piece of legislation that would hold a person accountable if they kill an unborn child over 24 weeks.

As the law stands, the death of an unborn child is listed as an injury to the mother.

Charges can be laid in relation to the mother’s injuries, but the law doesn’t recognise the baby’s death separately.

“That is just totally unacceptable,” says Ray Hadley.

Ray has consistently asked the Premier to review the law, but on Tuesday, she shut the debate down in parliament.

“Some of the minions in her office, who are more worried about getting her reelected than doing the right thing suggested, ‘Oh look, there’s no votes in this, don’t do it’.

“Well, sometimes in doing the right thing there aren’t votes in it.”

Ray’s heard some of her advisors suggested “negative media” and criticism over her decision not to debate the law would only last a day.

But Ray’s not coping it.

“I got news for your Premier, I’ll be up your party like a rat up a drainpipe.

“I won’t forget about it in a day, and that’s because I can’t forget what I’ve read and been told by women like Brodie Donegan.”

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Brodie Donegan was 32-weeks pregnant when a drug-affected driver smashed into her car on Christmas Day, 2009.

It took three hours to get Brodie out of the vehicle and transported to hospital.

Her baby Zoe had a heartbeat upon arrival but tragically died a few hours later.

There was no justice for Zoe, because the current law leaves her death unrecognised.

Nine years after the incident, Brodie tells Ray she’s not surprised at the Premier’s decision.

“There’s a lot of empathy, there’s a lot of ‘Oh, we want to do the right thing’ but it doesn’t actually eventuate into anything.

“I just want something to happen.”

UPDATE | Ray Hadley has been told Premier Gladys Berejiklian has backflipped on her decision and will allow the parliament to debate the legislation tomorrow.

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