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‘If that’s a win for democracy, democracy’s in trouble’

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The left wing of politics is lauding Kerryn Phelps’ Wentworth by-election victory as a “great day for democracy”, but the primary vote tells a very different story.

Votes are still being counted but the Liberals have conceded defeat in the crucial seat, with a swing of about 20 per cent predicted.

But, Alan Jones points out the ‘public backlash’ against the government can actually be attributed to Australia’s two-party preferential voting system.

“A funny sort of democracy when you win 21,000 votes, 10,000 fewer than Dave Sharma,” Alan says.

“21,000 votes out of an electorate of 103,000. Give me a break. If that’s a win for democracy, democracy’s in trouble.”

Former business advisor to Tony Abbott, Maurice Newman, tells Alan the results in Wentworth don’t represent the “broader electorate”.

“I think the point is Wentworth isn’t a proxy for the whole of Australia. What you’ve got there are a whole lot of inner-city people, people who are well-off.

“These are not the battlers.

“They’re not really affected in the way the people in the west (are), who are living with these ghettos of migrants, who are paying the price for higher electricity.”

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