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‘I’d like to’: Would Ricky Ponting make a return for Australia?

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Former Australian Test captain and cricket legend Ricky Ponting says he’d “like to” come back and bat for his country.

The Fourth and final Test against India kicks off today at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

India leads 2-1 in the series which is highlighted by Australia struggling to score runs.

“Especially in that top order,” says Chris Smith.

Former Australia Test captain Ricky Ponting jokes he’d “like to” come out of retirement and bat for his nation

“It has been hard work sitting back and watching the boys go about it over the last few weeks.

“I’ve been at the ground almost every day, up close and personal watching with a lot of the boys and watching all the action.

“Unfortunately, they just haven’t been able to click as a group of batsmen just yet.”

He says there is a “definite lack of skill”.

“You watch them bat and they just make too many simple errors.

“Some of the dismissals we’ve seen through the first three Test matches have been not what you’d expect from top order Test match batsmen.”

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