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‘I was better off in the water’ | Good samaritan forced to flee after kind deed

A good samaritan who attempted to rescue a man in trouble in Sydney Harbour was forced to jump into the water himself to flee a violent attack.

David Hannan leapt into action when he heard someone screaming for help at 11:30pm last night.

He took his dingy into the darkness and was allegedly violently attacked when the troubled man was safely inside.

“He wasn’t having a good night,” David tells Chris Smith.

“He was passive for about half the trip.

“For the second half of the trip, he started kicking me under the chin and to the side of the head at which point I thought I’d take my chances with the bull sharks rather than with this guy.

“He was going off like Conor McGregor missing the bus.

“I took a deliberate decision that I was better off in the water.”

David was forced to swim 200 metres to a nearby wharf while the man who allegedly attacked him was followed by police helicopters.

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Image: Facebook