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‘I think it will bring us together’: Warren Mundine on Morrison’s Australia Day plans

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Though Scott Morrison wants Australia Day to stay, he’s floated the idea of creating a separate day to commemorate the culture and history of the nation’s traditional Indigenous inhabitants.

And it’s attracted both the ire and approval of many.

Some say the plan is a sound compromise, appeasing and placating both sides of the warring debate.

But others say the move would disillusion the Liberal Party’s conservative base, who are tired of the Coalition bowing to minority protesters.

It has also been suggested that the move is a futile one. Morrison won’t gain the approval of the “change the date” crowd he’s trying to reconcile with.  Invariably, they won’t be satisfied until January 26th events are abolished, according to some.

Indigenous leader Warren Mundine says he can understand Morrison’s intention.

“One thing I do like about the PM is he actually tries to resolve things.”

“So the idea of having an Indigenous day, I think it will actually bring us together if we do that celebration and still have Australia Day.”

Mundine says the resistance to Australia Day is misdirected and opposes calls to change the date.

“My thing is, we certainly need to celebrate the history of Australia. Warts and all, the good and the bad, the ugly and everything because history is what it is. Whether we like it or not, you can’t change it.”

“Australia Day is always going to be important. It’s a day when many of Australia’s descendants came from that convict stock.”

“But let’s be honest. Changing Australia Day, keeping Australia Day, it’s not going to deal with the fundamentals of getting people out of poverty, educated and into housing.”


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