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‘I hit a brick wall of stupidity’: Embattled MP rips into the Greens as he quits the party

Embattled state MP Jeremy Buckingham says he’s “liberated” after he sensationally quit the Greens today.

Mr Buckingham has been under pressure from the party to resign from its election ticket after he accused of “sexual violence” against a Greens employee.

But, in a spectacular display, he has ripped up his membership and will run as an “independent real Green” at next year’s state election in March.

Mr Buckingham says he hasn’t asked anyone to quit the party but others will follow.

He tells Luke Grant being free of the Greens is “liberating”.

“I’ve always been a bit of a rogue. I’ve always stood up for the people, for the community, for the issues that matter.

“Now, I’m not encumbered by the rubbish that goes on in party politics.

“The Greens are just like any other political party, they’re dominated by political factions.”

He’s ripped into his former party, saying the Greens are focused on “ideological fantasies” rather than “practical solutions”.

“I tried to change the Greens from inside. I hit a brick wall of stupidity, identity politics, people who just wanted to posture and carry on.”

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