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‘I feel a bit stupid supporting you’: Ray Hadley calls out Gladys Berejiklian

Ray Hadley has blasted NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian over her decision to allow protests in the middle of a pandemic.

A protest planned on Saturday for the CBD, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been given the all-clear by state politicians and police.

However, NSW restrictions prevent more than 10 people to gather in public and allow only 50 people at a funeral.

Ray says the Premier is letting down all the people who have been following the rules.

“By saying to them and others who’ve lost loved ones, and others who want to get married, and others who want to do other things, including have more than five people in my home… that’s saying to us all ‘oh you don’t really matter’.

“Gladys, I’ve supported you up hill and down dale through all of this but you’ve made a monumental error in judgement.

“I feel a bit stupid this morning supporting you on-air!

“The double standards are absolutely steaming with hypocrisy and you should be called out for that.”

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