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‘I don’t want to see anybody stopped doing what they love’: Premier tight-lipped on marine parks

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The Premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian, is facing an uphill battle ahead of the next election.

As the government tries to turn its fortunes around, following its huge loss in the Wagga Wagga by-election, Ms Berejiklian has danced around the idea of ending fishing lockout zones.

Despite the public outrage over the divisive proposed marine parks along the NSW coast, the Premier is remaining tight-lipped on whether the Coalition will dump a key part of the policy.

“I have a sense that clearly there are strong arguments on this issue and I don’t want to see anybody stopped doing what they love,” Ms Berejiklian tells Ben Fordham.

“Especially if it’s an outdoor activity which is safe and it’s something they’ve been doing for a long time.”

However, Ms Berejiklian says no decisions will be made until the end of the consultation period.

“We’re not about government being in your face… but at the same time we need to make sure that when we go through a process that we have the consultation.”

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The Wagga Wagga by-election loss remains a big wake-up call for the Liberals, sparkling a brawl within the government.

The Nationals remain angry they were blocked from running a candidate in the election.

Deputy premier and leader of the Nationals, John Barilaro, caused some controversy when he was already welcoming the independent candidate into parliament before the election had even been held.

Ms Berejiklian says, “Can I pull you up for being a little bit cheeky with that question because (it) legitimately was a slip of the tongue.”

“If you see the footage, you would see that it was a slip of the tongue.

“And I want to make this point clear because it’s really important to me Ben.

“The deputy premier and I are rock solid, our government is rock solid and strong and united.”

Ben Fordham has also revealed a detail about the Premier which he thinks could derail her chances at the next election.

And Ms Berejiklian isn’t happy!

“Do not disclose that!”

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