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‘I don’t think he has one bit of decency’: Plans to get Ivan Milat to confess

In a last-ditch effort, NSW Police are attempting to get a confession out of notorious killer Ivan Milat after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The 74-year-old has never admitted to the backpack murders that saw him in prison with seven life sentences.

Now investigators are hoping he will admit to the murders and give them information on 16 other unsolved murders they believe he had a hand in.

Former Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small led the task force that captured Milat but he tells Ben Fordham the murderer is too narcissistic to confess.

“It was a case that he thought he would never be convicted and that he was still in charge.

“It appeared to be more of a game with him, he never admitted to anything.

“Admitting to the crimes that he’s committed… would be a very decent thing to do. I don’t think he has one bit of decency in him.”

He explains how their investigation eventually led to the arrest of Australia’s most notorious killer.

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