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How to be part of the new Police Legacy Walk

A new NSW police station will feature a ‘legacy walk’ to raise money for the families of those who have served.

The construction of the new Taree Police Station will feature engraved pavers, along the entrance pathway, which can be purchased by the public.

All proceeds will go to NSW Police Legacy to provide support to the families of deceased, serving or retired officers.

Former and current employees of Taree Police Station can buy a paver for $75 and have their name and registered number engraved and placed on the walkway.

Members of the public can buy their brick for $100.

NSW Police Superintendent Shane Cribb tells Ray Hadley the project should be finished early next year.

“You’d hope that if the police station lasts another 200 years, that at some stage a family member can come along and either obtain that brick or put it into the new police station.

“Most of all I really, really, want to raise money for Police Legacy.”

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You can buy a brick HERE