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How our next Governor-General got his hilarious nickname

One thing is certain about the incoming governor general, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

New South Wales Governor David Hurley will become Australia’s next Governor-General, taking the place of Sir Peter Cosgrove in March.

But when he rocks up to his local Redfern gym in his Rabbitohs t-shirt, he’s simply known as ‘Dave’, or ‘The Governator’.

Mr Hurley is involved in Clean Slate Without Prejudice, a boxing and fitness program for at-risk youth.

The program is about routine, discipline and giving participants a sense of worth and belonging.

Redfern elder and founder of Clean Slate Without Prejudice, Shane Phillips, tells John Stanley their much-loved ‘Governator’ is a great pick for the top job.

“He is a gentle soul and he’s a straight-shooter.

“He’s a really humble man.

“We know the man. We know who he is. And I think he’s a great appointment for the Governor-General.”

Shane also explains how Mr Hurley’s nickname ‘The Governator’ came about.

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