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How Helen Reddy redefined modern feminism

The late Queen of Pop Helen Reddy is being remembered as a trailblazing feminist following her death at the age of 78.

Macquarie University modern historian Dr Michelle Arrow told Deborah Knight Ms Reddy’s hit ‘I Am Woman’ is considered “the song of second-wave feminism.”

“She blazed a trail for Australians as well as for women”, Dr Arrow said, having been the first Australian to top the US music charts.

Her legacy however lies not just in her music, but how she reinvented “what it meant to be a feminist [and] what … it look[ed] like to live a feminist life”.

“[Women] could look at Helen Reddy and go ‘it means you can still look beautiful, you can still have a family, you can have a career.”

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Australian music icon Helen Reddy dies aged 78