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How Aussies are celebrating Australia Day overseas

Ben Fordham

Today, Australia Day celebrations are taking place across the nation.

But don’t think our Aussies overseas are missing out on the action.

This afternoon, Ben received calls from listeners all over the globe who wanted to share how they’re planning to celebrate our national day.

2GB producer Adelaide Miller called in from Japan to wish Ben a happy Australia Day.

“We’re in a much different climate to you guys right now. On the hill this morning I was in -25°.

“This morning…we skiied for hours in knee-deep fresh powder snow.

“We’re just out there having a good ski! I think the beers get cracked open at 3pm this arvo.”

Listener Matt also called in from Japan, saying the whole family will be eating vegemite and cheese sandwiches.

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Leah called in to tell Ben how she once celebrated Australia Day in Namibia.

“We lived in a mining village and it was amazing.

“The locals joined in. Lots of beers and shenanigans. It was great fun.”

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Brett called in from the UK to let Ben know how his family is celebrating in the freezing cold.

His four kids take fairy bread and vegemite sandwiches to school to share a little slice of home.

Listener Mike tells Ben he will be flying the Australian flag in his local village in northeastern England.

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