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How a ‘silent witness’ opened up a Bali Bombings mystery

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Award-winning journalist and author Liz Porter lives and breathes criminal tales.

She has a particular fascination for the “silent witness” in every crime.

Forensic science.

“After a murder, in many cases, a forensic scientist has no witnesses. But the body, when examining the bruises or the marks… can tell them what happened,” she tells Chris Smith.

Her latest true crime novel Crime Scenes Asia is a collection of the most gripping criminal cases and explores how the “silent witness” of forensics were used to help crack them.

The horrific 2002 Bali Bombing terrorist attack features heavily in Liz’s new work, even revealing how an Australian scientist helped prove suicide bombers were involved.

“Everyone else is looking at the floor… he looked at the ceiling and saw this blood spatter.”

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