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Hope yet for daughter of dying woman separated by border restrictions

Deputy Premier John Barilaro says he is confident authorities will “find a way through” to allow a woman who lives near the NSW-Victoria border to see her gravely ill mother in NSW.

Jim Wilson has been advocating for Katie Donaldson in her plight to visit her mother, who suffers from motor neurone disease.

Ms Donaldson has been desperately trying to visit her mother in the Blue Mountains, but has been unable to because of the border restrictions.

Mr Barilaro said he was more than happy to take on cases like Ms Donaldson’s, and raise the issue within government.

“There’s always room for compassion and to your point, we have to go through that detail,” he said.

He revealed he has raised her case with Health Minister Brad Hazzard and they will request a full briefing.

“I am confident we can find a way through,” he said.

“I have got confidence we can make it happen.

“There are many examples like that and I do want a pragmatic approach.”

Ms Donaldson contacted Jim following the interview, to say “thank you”.

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