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‘Hold fire’: Former Anti-Doping Authority chief says Sun Yang is not a drug cheat

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Former Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) chief Richard Ings does not believe controversial swimmer Sun Yang is a drug cheat.

Australian Mack Horton caused a stir when he refused to share the podium with the Chinese swimmer on Sunday night following the 400m freestyle final.

Britain’s Duncan Scott has now refused to stand beside Yang after the 200m freestyle final at the FINA World Champions in South Korea.

Earlier this year, Sun Yang allegedly smashed vials of blood samples with a hammer in front of anti-doping testers following an out-of-competition test.

In 2014, Sun was banned for three months by the Chinese Swimming Association after testing positive to a stimulant, which had been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list four months earlier.

Former ASADA chief Richard Ings tells Ben Fordham he doesn’t regard Yung as a ‘drug cheat’ and that Mack Horton should “hold fire”.

“Sun Yang has been found innocent by a tribunal.

“Right here, right now, he’s innocent of all charges and he should be respected for that.

“We would be very upset if this action was taken against an Australian athlete with such an implication, we need to show the same respect for our international competitors.”

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