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Historic Kokoda Track is being ‘desecrated’ by bureaucracy

The historic Kokoda track has closed following a dispute between traditional landowners and local authorities.

It’s reported traditional owners in Papua New Guinea have blocked off entry to the track to protest a local government review which focuses on how the track should be managed.

Retired Major and founder of Adventure Kokoda, Charlie Lynn, says there is far more to the story.

“It’s been a long time coming… the management system put in place by the Australian government in 2009 has just been dysfunctional, and this has really broken the dam.

“The wartime heritage of the trail is being desecrated because that lack of a plan.”

Mr Lynn tells Ben Fordham James Enage, CEO of the Kokoda Track Authority, is holding the government to ransom.

“The CEO who wants more money out of the government, [he’s] using a group of landowners in an attempt to hold the government to ransom to get more money.”

“He needs to be stood aside.”

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