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‘Hijacked by the activists’: Sam Newman responds to appearance in Adam Goodes doco

Controversial AFL personality Sam Newman has spoken out about his appearance in the socially divisive Adam Goodes documentary.

The Final Quarter documentary has caused a lot of debate around racism in Australia as it focused on the abuse the AFL great experienced.

While some insist the booing he experienced was racist others think Goodes became a target because of his actions on the field and not his skin colour.

Mr Newman’s comments at the time, featured in the piece, have been heavily criticised on social media for claiming the booing of Goodes was not about race.

But, Mr Newman says he was not allowed to be part of the documentary and explain his comments.

He tells Ben Fordham his comments were about his behaviour on the field and not racially fuelled.

“I just made a specific comment about some of his onfield play and that got taken to another level which I’m not defending myself against, because I’ve taken a belting, but it doesn’t really matter, I know what I said and what I said it for.

“I didn’t think it started off being race-related and that’s what I commented on. If it’s gone to the next level it’s been hijacked by the activists.”

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Image: Getty/ Scott Barbour