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High-rise childcare branded a significant risk to children

Ben Fordham

A light is being shone on the danger of high-rise childcare. 

Childcare centres located above the ground floor are being branded an unacceptable fire-safety hazard to kids.

In the event of fire, such centres would quickly have to marshal up to 200 children – plus staff – down flights of stairs to evacuate the building safely.

Parramatta councillor Pierre Esber is leading the charge and tells Ben Fordham the centre doesn’t have to be far off the ground floor to be a risk.

“I don’t care if they’re one or two floors above,” Cr Esber said.

“It doesn’t matter when evacuating people safely and comprehensively out of a building.

“Basically, just ban them.”

Because high-rise childcare is relatively new, there are no specific safety requirements for design.

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Photo: Dean Lewins / AAP

Ben Fordham