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High Court inquiry finds prominent legal figure sexually harassed female associates

An independent inquiry by the High Court has found former Justice Dyson Heydon sexually harrassed six young female associates.

The court launched the investigation when it was informed of the complaints last year, and found six former court staff members who were judges’ associates were harassed by the former Justice.

A Sydney Morning Herald investigation also uncovered further allegations of predatory behaviour from Mr Heydon.

Investigative reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald Kate McClymont, who reported on the story, told Mark Levy the findings are “absolutely astonishing”.

“It just goes to show that sexual harassment is in all walks of life, in every workplace, it’s out there and it’s real.

“For these women, who do you complain to when the person alleged to be harassing you is a black-letter lawyer, one of the most prominent legal figures in the land?

“That’s the question that this raises.”

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