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‘He’s sounding tough there because he’s weak elsewhere’: The Big Guns on Scott Morrison’s empty threats

Graham Richardson welcomes Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s flirtation with the idea of a royal commision into the power companies, saying “I think they’ve behaved appallingly”.

“What happened with the banks was they got exposed – I don’t think it’s a bad thing if this lot get exposed either,” Richo tells Ben Fordham

Mr Morrison has admitted today that he has an open mind considering the possibility of a royal commission into the energy sector.

However, Andrew Bolt is sceptical about the suggestion, telling Ben “royal commissions like this is what you call when you don’t know what to do”.

“I think he’s sounding tough there because he’s weak elsewhere.

“He’s not going to attack all the global warming scare.”

Richo admits he’s never been worried about our approach to the Paris climate agreement saying “most countries simply sign it and ignore it… and if we do it we’d be doing the same.”

“What I think he’s (Mr Morrsion) got to do if he wants to have a difference between him and Labor… he’s got to say he’ll build a couple of new coal-fired power stations and get on with it straight away.

“If he does that then he’s done something that matters,” Richo tells Ben.

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When it comes to floating more ideas that will be difficult to follow through on, Mr Morrison says he’s considering deregistering the CFMEU after Victorian secretary John Setka used his children in a social media campaign against the building industry watchdog.

“In the end, Setka is a grub… I think Shorten should walk away from them, I think we all should walk away from them.

“But deregistering them I think that’s a bridge too far,” says Richo.