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Headphones could permanently ruin your hearing

A warning released today shows one in 10 Aussies are cranking the volume up too high on their headphones.

To get an expert’s take on what’s safe and what isn’t, Michael McLaren speaks to Principal Audiologist at Australian Hearing Emma Scanlan.

“A lot of people just don’t think about how loud they’re using their devices.

“Because a lot of people are using them on public transport, they end up turning the device up louder to drown out the background noise and that can put them at risk.”

Ms Scanlan says the effects are permanent.

“Look, if you lose it, it won’t come back.”

But when does loud become too loud?

Ms Scanlan says a general rule of thumb is to only ever listen to your device at 80% of the volume’s capacity and for no more than 90 minutes a day.

Listen to the full interview below