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Head of homeless charity says Australia needs to take ‘a real honest look’ at itself

The CEO of one of Sydney’s most crucial homeless charities says Australia needs fundamental change if we are to solve the problem.

Wayside Chapel at Kings Cross has been helping people sleeping rough and those with drug, alcohol and mental health issues for 55 years.

CEO Pastor Jon Owen tells Steve Price we need to change as a country.

“If we take a real honest look at the history of our country, our first response to any kind of social issue tends to be incarceration.

“If you had a mental health problem, if you were an orphan, if you were an indigenous person, if you’re an asylum seeker in this country, what do we do? We lock you up.

“We have this knee jerk reaction to criminalise social issues instead of looking at ways we can respond and care for people and help everyone be able to flourish in this country.”

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