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‘He sold us a pup’: Mark Latham slams Malcolm Turnbull

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Mark Latham says Malcolm Turnbull is to blame for a poor energy policy, after the former prime minister hit out at the party he once led.

Mr Turnbull has called the Liberal Party “incapable” of dealing with carbon emissions which have led to higher power prices.

NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham tells Ben Fordham Mr Turnbull’s policy was part of the problem.

“Turnbull is one of the culprits who said that we can only do something about climate change if we went down the path of renewables.

“Turnbull gave us the worst of both worlds, a system of renewables that doesn’t provide power and keep the lights on 24 hours a day but the extra back up costs are still needing dispatchable baseload.

“He sold us a pup with renewables.”

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Image: Getty/ Saeed Khan