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‘Growing victim pool’: Councils under the microscope after another defective building revealed

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Councils are being accused of concealing building evacuations after it was revealed residents were removed from another defective building in Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald revealed residents of loft-style apartments in Zetland were evacuated late last year over water and fire safety defects.

The City of Sydney said they became aware of the evacuation in late 2018 and have confirmed it remains empty.

Owners Corporation Network Chairman Stephen Goddard tells John Stanley the councils know more than they are letting on.

“How do we retrospectively help what seems to be a growing victim pool.

“We have been growing this problem over the last 20 years and it’s like Russian roulette as to where the defects will fall.

“You are going to find those defects wherever that building boom has occurred, so it’s not just in the city.

“Councils will know more than they’ve told you… and councils may well have deceived public interest to keep things quiet.”

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